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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

IVT BlueSoleil™ v3.2.2.8 [Multilingual] XP/Vista Compatible

IVT BlueSoleil enables wireless communication amongst PC and PC peripherals such as PDAs, headsets, handsfree, printers, mouse, keyboards and mobile phones. It presents users with a single intuitive graphical user interface with the Soleil (the sun) representing 'my Bluetooth' device (my computer) in the main background blue colour, the devices on the orbit representing 'Bluetooth space' (Bluetooth devices around my computer). Users can simply click 'Soleil' to find surrounding Bluetooth devices and click on devices on the orbit to find its services and click on service icon to build connections, all in one single interface! Users can listen to music on PCs through a Bluetooth AV headset; make and receive a Skype call on a PC from a Bluetooth GSM handset, walk freely within 10 metres (Bluetooth Class 2) and 100 metres (Bluetooth Class 1). The latest version of BlueSoleil supports EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), and the speed can reach to 3Mbps.


Dr Qiang Gao, the CEO of IVT Corporation, stressed that " IVT's BlueSoleil has become the most popular Bluetooth PC software in its field with 15 million install base. The daily hit rate of is over 400,000, from more than 140 countries like USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Russia."

About IVT

IVT is a world leader in providing Bluetooth technology and Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) solutions. IVT was the first to release Bluetooth host stack and profiles source code (Bluelet™) in November 1999; the first to release Bluetooth host stack conformance tester (BlueTester™) in September 2000 & Bluetooth Profile interoperability testers in September 2001; the first to offer Bluetooth Class 1 CTP enabled GSM phone in December 2004. IVT has also developed the most popular Bluetooth PC software (BlueSoleil™) in the industry with accumulated orders of 15 million copies. IVT provides the full range of Access Point such as Bluetooth Class 1 CTP enabled ADSL voice and data AP, Bluetooth Class 1 CTP enabled PSTN voice AP, and Bluetooth Class 1 UMA /SIP AP. IVT is currently working with a number of global operators on FMC trials. IVT is a supplier of Bluetooth UMA Access Points to British Telecom for their BT Fusion project.


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