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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Download from megaupload (overcoming the Problem of country slots)

Anyone can download from megaupload ..just follow these steps:

You must have mozila firefox browser to use this trick so

Step 1. First Download and install mozila firefox.

Step 2;
-Go to address bar and type: about:config


-Search for general.useragent.extra.firefox

-Double click on it
-Change the default text with this: Firefox/2.0 MEGAUPLOAD 1.0

If you are using another version of firefox then replace 2.0 with your version.
You can find the versin from Help->About..

-Start Downloading witout any Toolbar

now you have to wait just for 45 second and free download will be available.
This is so easy and within seconds u can resume ur download from Megaupload.

I have tried it and it works enjoy.

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