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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SpeedUp Your Internet Speed by hacking Your TCP/IP

TCP/IP Hack Tools
it is best for downloading big files and big torrents...
also for small files it requires restart..
after you hack your TCP you haVE TO RESTART/Reboot your Pc

800megs of torrent file
not hacked tcp/ip-almost 4hrs
hacked tcp/ip-only 2hrs or 1 and a half..

pure download
400megs of file
not hacked tcp/ip-almost 2hrs
hacked tcp/ip- only a half or 1hr

some AVs say its a virus yah i know its a virus for them coz its a hacking tool...its your decision to remove or clean this if you want and its your decision to if you want to use this tool...

Heres the recommended number for your tcp/ip:
90 is ok not 100 your connection maybe...laggish...just try it....


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