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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

G Data Internet Security

What’s NEW:

* Award-winning virus detection improved yet

* Quickest reaction to new virus attacks

* Firewall optimized for games: Autopilot allows
transparent firewall protection during game sessions

* Spamfilter expanded by language blocker

* Noticeably less system load

G DATA AntiVirus
* DoubleScan: best, award-winning virus detection
* OutbreakShield: Immediate protection against new
* New Heuristics detects even more unknown viruses
* Improved protection vfrom viruses, worms, rootkits,
spyware, dialers, Trojans, backdoors, and more.
* Virus blockers for e-mails and instant messaging

G DATA Personal Firewall
* Award-winning protection against attacks
* New optimization for games: Switches automatically
to Autopilot for transparent firewall protection
* Easier to use, thanks to new rules
* Four levels of security, or expert mode

G DATA AntiSpam
* Expanded by language blocker: detects and blocks
ten different e-mail languages as desired

G DATA Child Protection
* Individual user profiles, blocks offensive contents
and more
* Keywort-Filter for full text search (extensible)

G DATA WebFilter / Data shredder
* Trace eraser and data shredder
* Blocks banners, pop-ups, Flash, Java / VB script, etc.

System Requirements -:

Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows XP (as of SP2), or Windows 2000 (as of SP4)
Computer Memory: 256 MB
Internet Connection: Yes

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